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  2. The best productivity and GTD app suite for Mac, iPhone, and iPad
  3. ‎Productive - Habit Tracker on the App Store

Details can be added, due dates assigned, and custom color tags can be added to help define certain projects over others. For power users, Trello features solid integrations with other services such as Skyscanner, Google Drive, and Slack that add even more functionality and the app also features a good amount of customizability when means you'll be able to get it to look the way you want. Cortana is Microsoft's own virtual assistant and it's available to download and install on Apple's iPad and iPhone in the form of a free app from the App Store. The iOS Cortana app can be used to create reminders and events and even to perform web searches and all tasks can be initiated either by typing in a command or by speaking as you would with Siri after pushing the microphone icon.

This app version of Cortana doesn't feature native integration with the iOS operating system like Siri so it can't be used to open apps or make phonecalls on an iPhone.

Freedom blocks distracting websites and apps

It can, however, sync all of its data to Windows 10 PCs and tablets that use the same Microsoft account which makes it an ideal productivity tool for those that find themselves on a computer all day for work. The Cortana app also features support for iOS' widget feature which means that Cortana shortcuts for the mic, creating events, and reminders are all available with a single swipe. Google Maps is an app that everyone needs to be using more, especially those that are looking for a way to save time in their hectic daily lifestyle. This free app by Google features all of the basic map features you'd expect but also boasts what is arguably the most-robust travel solution available.

Do you have separate apps for train and bus schedules and do you frequently switch between apps to work out which route is the fastest and cheapest? Google Maps streamlines all of this chaos by displaying not only walking, driving, and public transport options in its search results but also Uber and Lyft prices and times as well. Google Maps will make you a lot more productive by finding you best route available and saving you time during the search process. Need to find more than the best route? Google Maps also features a robust business search complete with user reviews, photos, and contact information.

This app is a must-have for those that hate wasting time. FlowTimer is productivity app for iPhone and iPad that boasts a streamlined design and back-to-basics approach to time management. Instead of the typical long checklist of items that need to be micromanaged, FlowTimer uses a continuous timer animation that plays through pre-determined blocks dedicated to a 25 minute work session, a 5 minute short break, and a 15 minute long break. As each session ends, a chime sounds, followed by the immediate beginning of the next session.

This set schedule encourages you to focus on your current task during the work phases while simultaneously preventing you from spending too much time relaxing. In addition to the main timer feature, FlowTimer also contains a simple to-do list feature for free. SocialPilot is one of the best services for managing numerous social media accounts all from the one dashboard. This iPhone and iPad app can connect to all of the main social networks like Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn, and Pinterest and also supports lesser-known ones such as Xing and Vk.

New social media posts can be composed directly within the app with full support for video and image uploading.

2. Ulysses

These can then be scheduled to post to one or many accounts which is a massive time-saver. What really improves productivity is SocialPilot's currated content feature which collects hundreds of web pages related to a topic you're interested in and allows you to add them to a publish cue for any of your accounts with the push of a button.

This feature alone has the potential to free up hours from your weekly or daily work schedule. Share Pin Email.

He writes about Windows 10, Xbox One, and cryptocurrency. What We Like Gamification that will stop you playing games. Clean design and user-interface. The group option is a fantastic idea. What We Don't Like Takes a long time to get enough coins to buy your first alternative tree. Dead trees in your forest are a bit of a downer. Too many quirky trees and not enough real species in the store. What We Like Completey free app loaded with features.

Also available on Android and Windows Data syncs between all other app versions. What We Don't Like The dynamically generated lists can be very confusing. One app most of us need is a contacts app to keep track of phone numbers, addresses and other information about the people you connect with. If you need more, there are plenty of alternatives. If you regularly schedule meetings, it can help to use a contact manager that integrates closely with your calendar.

Popular calendar developers agree:. Here we see Busycontacts pulling in addresses from a number of sources, and displaying a lot of related information, including events, emails, and messages. We all need handy access to a calculator , and fortunately, Apple includes a pretty good one with macOS. But to be honest, I almost never use it. With a quick press of Command-Space or clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top left of my screen , I can use Spotlight as a quick and handy calculator.

It lets me solve day-to-day problems with numbers over multiple lines, and annotate the numbers with words so they make sense. I can refer back to previous lines, so it can work a bit like a spreadsheet. It looks great, and will usually understand what you mean.

The best productivity and GTD app suite for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

File managers let us keep our files and documents in a meaningful organizational structure, keeping related information together in one place, and allowing us to find and open what we need quickly. These days I manage files less than ever since many of my documents are kept in databases in apps like Ulysses, Bear, and Photos. Since Norton Commander was released in the 80s, many power users have found dual pane file managers the most efficient way to work.

While they manage the files on your hard drive very well, they can also connect to a range of web services, and allow you to manage the files you have there as easily as if they were on your own computer. Online research can have me copying and pasting all sorts of things from the web. A clipboard manager makes this a lot more efficient by remembering multiple items. To stay secure these days, you need to use a different long password for every website. That can be hard to remember, and frustrating to type. A good password manager will solve all these problems.

The passwords it suggests are not the most secure, and accessing the settings is a little fiddly. Besides documents, you can also store 1 GB of documents securely. Being able to quickly search for documents and find them is a huge boost to your productivity. Apple has included Spotlight, a comprehensive search app, since Just click the magnifying glass icon on the menu bar or type Command-Space, and you can quickly find any document on your hard drive by typing in a few words from the title or contents of that document.

I love the simplicity of just typing my search query in a single entry, and it works well enough for me. These apps include comprehensive, customizable search functions, and offer the most powerful way to find files on your computer quickly. Productive people manage their time well. They are aware of the meetings and appointments they have coming up, and also block out time to spend on important projects.

They track their time so they know what to charge clients and identify where time is being wasted, or too much time is being spent on certain tasks. Timers can also be used to keep you focused.

‎Productive - Habit Tracker on the App Store

The Pomodoro Technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 80s helps you to maintain focus by working in minute intervals followed by five-minute breaks. Besides cutting down on interruptions, this practice is also good for our health. Time management starts with task management , where you work out the most important things to spend your time on. Powerful apps like Things 3 and OmniFocus let you organize your own tasks.

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Flexible apps like Wunderlist, Reminders, and Asana let you organize your team. More complex projects can be planned with project management software, which are tools that help you carefully calculate the deadlines and resources needed to finish a large project. Time Tracking apps can help you be more productive by making you aware of the apps and behaviors that waste your time. They may also track time spent on projects so you can more accurately bill your clients. It observes how you use your Mac including which apps you use and which websites you visit and categorizes how you spend your time, displaying it all on helpful graphs and charts.

Another developer offers two apps that work together, Timings 39 euros , a full-featured work time tracker for your business, and Usage free , a simple menu bar app for tracking your app usage. Apple helpfully puts a clock at the top right of your screen, and can optionally display the date. I look at it often. What more do you need? Clicking the time will show you the local time anywhere in the world, and clicking the date will display a handy calendar.

The Best Productivity Apps for Students (2019)

Other features include a stopwatch, countdown timer, hourly chimes, moon phases, and basic alarms for any date and time. It not only displays the current time of cities around the world, but you can scroll forward to any date or time to find the right time elsewhere. Perfect for scheduling Skype calls and webinars. Apple also provides a calendar app that syncs with iOS and offers enough features to keep most people happy.

But if calendars are an important part of your work, you may value an app that makes it quicker to add new events and appointments, and offers more features and integration with other apps. Both are very popular, and competition between these popular apps means that they introduce new features in each new version. The trouble with a Mac — especially one with a large screen — is that everything is right there in front of you, distracting you from the task at hand.

And if you lack willpower, you may even need your computer to block access to distracting apps and websites. Pomodoro apps use timers to encourage you to focus on your work. And getting away from your desk at regular intervals is good for your eyes, fingers, and back.

Be Focused free is a good free way to get started. Other options are available with more features. It helps you to define clear objectives, and slice up daunting tasks into smaller slices for optimal performance. Helpful charts let you see your progress and find your rhythm day by day and hour by hour. It includes audio to block out noise or create the right mood, and can automatically close distracting apps for you. A free alternative is Hocus Focus donationware. Another source of distraction is our constant connection to the internet, and the instant access it gives us to news and social networking sites.

SelfControl is a good free alternative. Besides individual websites, it can also block the whole internet, as well as apps you find distracting. When you have too much to do, delegate — share your workload with others. Have you ever considered delegating work to your computer? Theming Customise Alfred's colours, fonts, sizes and more. Share your themes with friends. Email Find files with Alfred and attach them to a new email to a contact in a snap. Default Searches Use the default fallback searches or customise them for more efficient search.

File Buffer Search for files and add them to your buffer to take action on all of them at once. Shell integration Quickly open Terminal and run Shell commands from Alfred's command box. View Contacts Search your local Contacts and copy or take action on their details. Getting Started Comprehensive guides to get you started with workflows and new features. Download Alfred for free The core of Alfred is free for you to download and use forever, with no strings attached.

Alfred 4 for Mac Get loads of app-launching, file-searching goodness for free, and boost your productivity! Download Alfred 4 for Free. Alfred Powerpack Control your Mac with the Powerpack's incredible features, and enjoy workflows and themes. Buy the Powerpack. Buy Alfred Remote. Version 4. Latest Blog Post: Alfred 4.