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It can also be used to convert a file from one format to another. You can even batch convert media files in VLC. Depending on how many media files you're converting, their type, size and your computer, this process can take less than a minute or several hours. So be patient!

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Fire up Handbrake. Initially, if you try to run a batch conversion, you will receive error message "You must turn on automatic file naming in preferences before you can add to queue". Now, select a folder where you want the queue to automatically save its output files. That is to say, you should put all videos ready for converting in one folder in advance.

Converting multiple videos using Handbrake - Tutorial

Choose output presets after file scanning. HandBrake already provides several presets for you.

Certainly, you are also allowed to set specific output presets manually. When you click "Show Queue", you'll notice that there are how many jobs pending for batch conversion. In this step, you can set "When Done", edit certain job or remove a video.

Best solution to fix Handbrake 1.0.7 crashes during batch converting

If everything is ok, just click "Start" button to begin processing HandBrake batch video converting. Note: HandBrake 0. You're only allowed to convert a batch of video files with certain HandBrake versions. Before batching video conversion, please make sure you are running on HandBrake 0.

How to Use Handbrake to Convert MKV to MP4

You can configure the video and audio encoder, bitrate, resolution, sample rate, etc to make the output video more compatible with your multimedia devices. Before output the video, you can trim, crop, merge, split video files and adjust volume, aspect ratio, etc.

Head to top menu.

Adding Videos to a Queue

If you need to batch convert media files, you should add multiple video files and check them all. When video files have been loaded to program, select the output format you need.

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Pavtube Video Converter offers hunderds of video and audio formats. Here we take MP4 as an example. Click "Settings" to open "Profile Settings" window, where you can customize output video quality like resolution, frame rate, bit rate, audio channel, etc. If you want to edit your videos for fun or for other purposes, try the video editor.

Find "Edit" on menu bar and click it, then the "Video Editor" will pop up. Click the "Trim" tab to get the torrent movie clip you want to save and convert; the "Crop" tab allows you to cut off black bars that affect visual effect; click "Subtitle" tab to insert subtitles into your torrent movies, etc.

Begin by opening a Source, selecting a Title , and selecting a Preset. Then select the Add to Queue button on the toolbar. Select the Show Queue button on the toolbar to see the queued encodes, or Jobs. You may open additional Sources and add them to the Queue in the same manner. When using the Queue , you may find it beneficial to create multiple Jobs at one time. On Mac, first open the Preferences window using the HandBrake menu.

In the General section, ensure that the Automatically name output files setting is selected and Title is part of the Format field. This ensures that each of your Jobs will be given a unique file name, and not overwrite each other. On Windows, first open the Preferences window using the Tools menu. In the Output Files section, ensure that the Automatically name output files setting is selected.

HBBatchBeast | Apps | Electron

Set a Default Path where your new videos will be created and make sure Title is part of the File Format field. Additionally, you may open a folder of multiple single- Title videos excluding discs and disc-like formats as one virtual Source with multiple Titles using the Open Source dialog, and then add multiple Titles to the Queue 1. On Linux, select Add Multiple from the Queue menu, then select the Titles you wish to encode using the presented dialog.

Be sure to give each a unique file name. On Mac, select Add Titles to Queue To make changes to Jobs in the Queue , first open the Queue window by selecting the Show Queue button on the toolbar.

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On Linux, if you want to make changes to a Job already in the Queue , select the Job and then select Edit.