Mac g5 dvd drive not working

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I find CD's outdated technology and cant remember the last time i needed one. So, I would like to out that slot to good use. Ive got 4 options. Hopefully it might look nice and universal. I dont know which computer brand on the newmodeus website is best suited to this G5 OD and flap system. It requires measurement of the G5 CD flap to work out which ssd tray works out best.

I hope you guys might be able to help me here. They both take the same space? The flap can be a manual sliding one as I doubt i can figure out how to do a electronic one.

Upgrade: Mac Pro Optical Drive

Leave it to you guys to see if theres any options ive missed. Let me know what you think. Joined Nov 24, Messages Motherboard The IcyDock solutions are very nice, but you shouldn't cut the front of the G5 for that. Wolfie, your post got me thinking. Pic shows some rough and ready modding to see if it is do-able to turn the G5 DVD player into a fancy slot loading hot swap caddy. I think with a little bit of work it can be done Did you just cut that mini hack? Are you suggesting cut out the size in the cd case and reload it back into the rest of the OD and connect it up both sata for SSD and for the OD to work?

How to fix common Mac startup problems [MacRx] | Cult of Mac

Wolfie81 said:. That sounds like a brilliant plan. Just gotta see if I have the know how to pull it off! Thanks for that! Out of curiosity, if i use the icy dock with the two ssd cages attached to their optical drive, do you think the OD is in line with the G5 metal slot for it to come out? Semi announced the preliminary pre-production plan of PWRficient processor, [12] there had been persistent rumors that Apple would prepare for its use in its professional line of personal computers.


In , The Register reported that P. Semi had formed a tight relationship with Apple, which would result in P. Semi promptly delivering processor chips for Apple's personal computer notebook line and possibly desktops.

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The processor that would run the personal computers was P. The sampled chip also has lower heat intensity than Intel's Core Duo , which gives off 9—31 W under normal load. According to The Register article, P. Semi executives believed that they were all but assured of winning Apple's contract, and CEO Dan Dobberpuhl thought that Apple's hints of moving to Intel were just a persuading tactic.

At the time, the companies were working for PWRficient software. Despite the advantages of more compatible architecture, Apple moved to the Intel architecture officially for 'performance-per-watt' reasons. However, P.

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Semi would not be able to ship its low-power multicore product in volume until , which, combined with P. Semi's status as a start-up company, seems to have been the final blow to the development of Power Mac computers. However, it was also speculated that Apple switched to Intel processor because Apple could no longer abide the constant delays in performance ramp up, [15] desired native Windows compatibility, or it was Apple's strategy to shift its business focus away from desktop computing to iPod and subsequently iOS development.

Apple acquired P. Semi in , [16] using P. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Timeline of Macintosh models.

How to play a DVD on Mac

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