What happens if your mac is stolen

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  1. Take Some Preventative Measures Now In Case Your Mac Gets Stolen
  2. What to Do When Your iPhone is Stolen or Lost
  3. If your Mac is lost or stolen
  4. How to track a lost computer with Find My Mac | Macworld

I also clicked the buttons to lock the Mac and erase the Mac. Let me elaborate on why.

I Accidentally Stole a MacBook

The advantage of these two security measures is that it means that the data on my laptop is inaccessible. I can live with these consequences, knowing that my personal and work data is inaccessible. You may wonder what the thieves would be able to do with my laptop. If they are savvy, they could completely erase my laptop. The fact that the hard drive is protected by FileVault makes it a bit harder for them to erase it, but it can still be accomplished.

Once they do that, then they could reinstall the Mac operating system and sell the laptop. The only way I could have prevented this would have been to prevent the theft.

Take Some Preventative Measures Now In Case Your Mac Gets Stolen

I called my insurance company to file a claim. In order to expedite the process and to ensure my insurance company fairly valued my laptop, I sent them the exact make, model, serial number and details about the extra RAM and storage that I ordered.

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I had all of these details at my fingerprints thanks to my proactive alert system. To get up and running on a new Mac, I needed to rely on my backups. I had only used my laptop for about an hour, at the coffee shop, before the theft occurred.

I had sent and filed some emails but these would be stored on the mail server. We'll explain how to use the service on the different devices below. When Catalina and iOS 13 arrive there will new a new Mac app called Find My, so the process will change slightly, we look at that below too.

What to Do When Your iPhone is Stolen or Lost

So, your Mac's disappeared, if you have another Mac or PC handy - they don't need to belong to you - you can use the iCloud site to locate your Mac. Play Sound is a useful option if it turns out the Mac is nearby but you just can't find it. Lock is a good option if you think you might be able to get your Mac back but don't want to take any chances with the data. If you opt to remotely lock your MacBook or any of the other devices it will shut down and set a four-digit passcode of your choosing.

It won't then reboot without the correct passcode.

Using Find My Mac to Lock or Wipe Your Mac

If you think the Mac has been stolen you should choose Erase Mac because even worse than having your Mac stolen is having your identity stolen or private date falling into the wrong hands. As above, you can use Play Sound if the Mac is lost at home or in the office and retrieve it easily. Lock is the one to use if you think you might get the Mac back. And Erase if you want to keep your data safe more than anything else hopefully you have a back up of your Mac.

If it is close and your friendly local plod is happy to take you around looking for it you could use the Play Sound option to revel your Mac. When Find My arrives on Macs with Catalina you'll be able to use a new Mac app to locate your lost device, rather than log onto a web portal. As we explained above, you can remotely lock your Mac or erase its entire contents. You should do this if you think that your Mac has been stolen as having your Mac stolen is a lot worse if someone also gains access to your social networks, email, and your bank account.

If you choose to Lock your Mac a four-digit passcode of your choosing will be required to turn it back on again. Erasing you Mac may be required if your MacBook contains critical data.

If your Mac is lost or stolen

If you choose Erase Mac all data and settings will be securely erased from your Mac. You will need a back up to recover the data. While Find My when it arrives in September , will mean it is possible to locate a Mac without it being connected to the web and awake, because all that is required is for Bluetooth to be broadcasting. However, even then, if your Mac is powered off, or out of battery it won't be able to detect it.

In that case you can choose the option: Notify When Found, in which case you will get an alert if and when it connects to the web. You still have the options to Lock, Erase and Play a Sound - but those actions won't play out until the Mac is switched on again. Before you rule out using Find My Mac, check! It's possible that you do have Find My Mac turned on even if you don't remember doing so.

You may have enabled Find My Mac when you set up your Mac. See if this is the case by logging on to iCloud in a web browser, or downloading and opening the Find My iPhone app on an iPhone or iPad as above. So, suppose Find My Mac can't locate your Mac, either because it's switched off, our of battery, or because Find My Mac hasn't been set up. What can you do? As we said right at the beginning, tell the police.

How to track a lost computer with Find My Mac | Macworld

Apart from anything, you will need a police report to be filed in order to be able to claim on your insurance. You do have insurance, right? You could also attempt to track your Mac's IP Address. This might work if the thief has logged into Gmail on your Mac.